01/09/2014 09:11 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

This Proposal In Whole Foods In Seriously Adorable

Who says you can't find true love in Miami? When Vladimir Romannikov first saw Monica Dehombre, she was reading the labels on kombucha tea so intently at Whole Foods that she didn't even catch him checking her out.

Nor did she realized he had begun following her through the store, trying to think of a way to strike up a conversation.

"I didn't even notice him," she told WSVN. "He was following me around the whole store and we get to cash register two and he was like, 'So you shop all organic, huh?'"

It wasn't all that smooth -- but a year later, it led to a very sweet proposal at register two at the very same Whole Foods. With the whole staff in on the plan, Romannikov pulled off a snack stop surprise that involved John Legend, rose petals, and a much, much better line. Congrats, you two!



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