01/10/2014 07:34 pm ET Updated Jan 23, 2014

Because The Weather Hasn't Been Bad Enough, Chicago Hit With Flood Warnings, Fog, Freezing Rain

Ew, gross.

Those two words can sum up what's happening with Chicago's weather this week.

After the biting cold temps and heavy snowfall from the polar vortex gave way to the downright balmy temps in the 30s, accumulated snow melt (plus freezing rain, naturally) led to an area flood advisory for Friday evening, the Sun-Times reports.

"Some locations could pick up an inch of rain, so flooding will be a potential problem for us as we head into the overnight hours into early tomorrow," NBC Chicago meteorologist Andy Avalos said Friday.

If that weren't enough, Chicagoans are advised to look out overhead for falling ice from building overhangs, CBS Chicago reports. Meanwhile, residents with basements and in low-lying areas are advise to check their sewers and sump pumps in case of flooding.

Two hundred of the city's plows were back on the streets Friday in attempts to clear leftover snow from the city's catch basins so that the melting snow and rain have a place to drain.

According to CBS, city crews will be working through the night and tomorrow to clear the catch basins. Temperatures through the weekend are forecast to hit high 30s and even into the 40s by Sunday.



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