03/13/2013 08:30 am ET Updated Jan 23, 2014

Leek Recipes We Love That Aren't Just Potato Leek Soup (PHOTOS)

We love the whole onion family equally, but leeks are our favorite today. These slim green and white things pop up in probably every soup you've ever eaten, since their sweet, oniony flavor is the perfect base for -- well -- almost everything. We don't just love leeks for being a sturdy foundation to some of our favorite dishes, we also love them when they're the star of the show.

We happen to be of the opinion that potato leek soup, whether warm or cold, is a perfect food. Warm, thick and comforting in fall and winter and chilled, refreshing and elegant in spring and summer. Lovely with cream or without. Perfect with a big hunk of bread, a glass of wine or beer and the company of friends. We can't really think of a scenario where we wouldn't be excited to eat potato leek soup. But you, like us, probably already have a potato leek soup recipe that brings the house down every time. So we found a bunch of other ways to enjoy leeks, just as their peak season is on the horizon.

Leek Recipes (List)

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