01/10/2014 10:38 am ET Updated Jan 23, 2014

Former New Jersey Governor Richard Codey: Chris Christie 'Knew This Was Bulls**t'

Former New Jersey Governor Richard Codey (D), who is also a longtime state senator from the Garden State, called "bulls**t" on current Gov. Chris Christie's claims that there may still have been a traffic study happening related to politically-motivated lane closures that caused major traffic in the town of Fort Lee.

In an interview with Salon, Codey called Christie's claim "phony."

“Come on, you knew this was bulls**t," Codey said.

“This has been an ongoing part of the administration, the way they attack anybody who doesn’t agree with them, on policy or anything else," Codey continued.

Codey also accused Christie of targeting him personally, saying there's been "all kinds of slights."

"I just brush them off as just childish and pettiness," Codey said.

The former governor made similar charges to the New York Daily News, saying he hopes Christie has learned from his alleged mistakes.

“I would hope and pray this episode gets him to change the way he conducts himself as a governor and as a human being,” Codey said. “This vindictiveness part of his personality needs to change, not tomorrow but today.”

Read Codey's full interview with Salon here.



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