01/10/2014 12:03 pm ET Updated Apr 15, 2015

'I'm Not A Lookalike' Project Showcases Strangers Who Look Like Twins (PHOTOS)

Think you're special and unique?

So did these folks, until they met Francois Brunelle.

The 62-year-old Montreal-based photographer has spent the last 12 years scouring the world for complete strangers who look alarmingly similar, according to Rex USA.

"I was inspired by 2 things," Brunelle told Rex USA. "First I used to see look-alikes all over since a very long time. Second, my own likeness with TV character Mr Bean."

We'll let you be the judge of Brunelle's resemblance to the British character.

Either way, the stunning photos below make it truly difficult to believe that the subjects aren't related, at least distantly.

Stranger Twins