01/10/2014 05:12 pm ET Updated Jan 25, 2014

Husband Showers With Summer's Eve Cleansing Wash, Freaks Out In 'Manly Mistake' Ad (VIDEO)

A new feminine product commercial isn't leaving all viewers refreshed.

In the "Manly Mistake" spot for Summer's Eve cleansing wash (watch above), a woman coolly informs her husband that he's showering with Summer's Eve. The shocked spouse is then seen in a montage of macho pursuits, from chopping wood to crushing a beer can. Anything to erase the shame, apparently.

"What's more stupid: the existence of a 'V' product or the manly response?" one YouTuber wrote. Another took issue with the wife's terminology for her privates: "I think saying 'A woman's V' is more offensive than just saying f---ing vagina."

Rebecca Cullers wrote in AdWeek that the offensive part was "that a woman doesn't get to be the star of an ad ostensibly about ladies and their vaginas."

But the headline to her story about the commercial had even more bite: "Husband Accidentally Uses Summer's Eve, Then Proves He's the Real Douche."