01/13/2014 10:59 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Three Beauty Tips For Winter, From Katia Beauchamp (VIDEO)

Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Birchbox Katia Beauchamp had three power beauty tips to share for the winter.

First, take care of your skin by wearing sunscreen, even in the winter. Katia couldn’t emphasize the importance of sunscreen enough. “There are great weightless sunscreens out there, like SuperGoop, which is a daily sunscreen serum that feels lightweight.”

Next: moisturize! In the winter, our skin gets drier. However, Katia pointed out that it’s not just about piling moisturizing products on top of the skin, and that we should still think about exfoliating as a first step. “In order for skin to absorb moisture, use an exfoliator at least three times a week to remove dead skin. Use one with beads, or a mask with clay or enzymes that will extract dirt and oil from the skin. Katia loves Origins’ Modern Friction mask.

Finally: Brows! Katia loves really bold brows all year-round, but in the winter, she urges everyone to feel more confident to have a bold brow. “Get a brow pencil, feel comfortable and play around with it on the weekend!” she said.

For more of Katia's winter beauty tips, see the slideshow below:

Katia Beauchamp's Beauty Tips

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