01/10/2014 10:40 am ET Updated Jan 23, 2014

Twerking Teens Ambush Gas Station In Texas (VIDEO)

Dozens of twerking teenagers forced their way into a Texas convenience store, ransacking it as a security camera recorded the flash mob from above.

Clerk Terry Polsgrove told KBTX that he knew he was out of his element when the teens swarmed the Chevron Food Mart in Bryan and began shaking their butts to the Musak playing outside.

"I called my co-worker in to come help me out and keep an eye on them, because we’ve been having a lot of stealing in the store," he said about Saturday night's incident.

Before he could batten down the hatches, 30 to 40 kids -- ranging in age from 8 to 18, he says -- flew threw the doors and took everything they could get their hands on.

"You start seeing this young lady yelling, 'Hey, come on in and get it! They're giving away free stuff!'" he told the station.

The recording shows Polsgrove's attempt to close the doors, but more kids end up pushing their way through. The suspects allegedly stole candy, food and drinks. Some could face charges of theft, vandalism, organized crime and assault.

Several parents have come forward to police with statements, according to the New York Daily News.

One of the teens, Brionna Taylor, told KBTX that she tried to stop her rowdy peers.

"I said, 'You all need to stop -- come on, we need to go,'" she said. "And they was just twerking away. The song was on, too. They was just twerking."



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