01/12/2014 09:23 am ET Updated Feb 02, 2016

'My Gay Roommate,' Austin Bening And Noam Ash Web Series, Premieres

"My Gay Roommate" is a web series currently in its third season that follows the life and experiences of a gay man named Nick as he navigates the ups and downs of his young adult years.

In its first season, the series followed Nick during his freshman year of college, along with his straight roommate James, through defining moments such as losing his virginity and exploring the world of Grindr. Their relationship heavily mirrors that of co-creators Austin Bening and Noam Ash, who lived as roommates throughout four years of college.

The second season involved Nick's time at home for the summer and the third season, which premiered last week, picks up with Nick deciding to take some time off from school and his search for a new roommate in New York City.

"We decided to make this series because we felt that a story like ours really hadn't been told," Ash told The Huffington Post. "So many times in LGBT films or shows the story falls into one of two categories: the gay guy who falls in love with a straight guy who subsequently realizes he is actually gay, or the gay guy who falls in love with a straight guy who is freaked out by it and has a homophobic outburst. That's not our story. Our story is different. It's about friendship; two best friends, one who is gay and one who is straight. And they learn to love, accept, and support each other through hysterical challenges. No Harry Met Sally endings here."

Check out the premiere episode of the series' third season, titled "Nick's Next Top Roommate," above or head here to check out the two previous seasons of "My Gay Roommate."