01/13/2014 10:44 am ET Updated Jan 25, 2014

13-Year Old's Claymation Project Sheds Light On The Tragic Life Of A Pig (VIDEO)

Typically, claymation is used to tell some not-so-serious stories. But if you're Kyle Kelleher, claymation is a tool to address the life of a pig confined to a gestation crate.

The enclosures, which have received more attention recently, are used to hold
pregnant pigs and are considered inhumane by animal welfare advocates.

"I've lived my whole stressful life in fear and panic, not able to move an inch," the 13-year-old narrates as if he were a pig.

Kelleher's short film highlights the plight of these animals, from the moment they're taken from their mother until their inevitable death. The effect is a moving and eerie tale about our food system.