01/13/2014 02:58 pm ET Updated Jan 23, 2014

James Risen Takes His Press Freedom Fight To The Supreme Court


New York Times reporter James Risen said Monday that he has formally taken his legal battle to prevent him from having to reveal confidential sources all the way to the Supreme Court.

Risen tweeted the news on Monday afternoon:

Risen was ordered last year to testify in the trial of Jeffrey Sterling, a former CIA agent charged with leaking classified information about covert American operations against Iran. Risen wrote about that topic in a 2006 book, but has thus far refused to reveal who gave him the information. He has lost a series of appeals, most recently in October. When he lost that court argument, Risen told the Times that he intended to ask the Supreme Court to rule on his case.

If the Supreme Court declines to take Risen's case, he would then have exhausted his last legal avenue.

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