01/13/2014 01:51 pm ET Updated Jan 23, 2014

Fisherman's Quick Thinking Saves Deer From Drowning In Frozen River

When Jared Maitino recently visited his favorite fishing hole with his brother-in-law, they were disappointed to find that that frigid temps had frozen over the Chagrin River.

That meant no fishing that day for Jared -- but, thankfully, he found another way to keep busy.

Maitino and his brother-in-law were just about to leave Woodland Park in Eastlake, Ohio, when he noticed a deer that had broken through the ice and was struggling to get out of the water, according to Fox 8 Cleveland.

Maitino always wears a Go Pro camera when he's fishing, and he documented the quick steps he took for the rescue. After heading back to his truck to grab ratchet straps, he got to work saving the deer. Maitino made a lasso out of the staps, looped them around the deer's head and pulled the animal out of danger.

The deer quickly scrambled away, but Maitino said he didn't mind that the animal didn't stick around to say thank you.

"I just was hoping it wasn't going to come right at us," he told Fox 8 Cleveland.

Plenty of people say this Ohio fishing buff's actions are heroic. But Maitino was modest about his part in the adventure.

“Everybody keeps saying you’re a hero, but if I would have saved a human then I thought maybe I’d be more of a hero," he said.



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