01/13/2014 12:10 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

21 Things Dance Kids Want Their Non-Dance Friends To Know

1. No, my studio is not like Abby Lee's and we don't have a pyramid in the beginning of class.

2. We did sock buns before they were cool.

3. No, we're not just going to "do a move" for you in the middle of the cafeteria or hallway.

4. Yes, technically we can twerk but we'd never call it that.

5. Dancers turn, we don't spin. There's a big difference.

6. Yes, there DOES need to be bling on EVERYTHING.

7. Stop asking if we "won" competition, it doesn't work that way. We get medals for each dance, then high scores in each category -- divided by genre, age, and size of group -- and then overall high scores.

8. Lyrical is NOT interpretative dancing.

9. When we leave class to go to the bathroom, we secretly leap down the hallway. Don’t judge.

10. We really did learn a dance to that song six months before you heard it.

11. Yes, you just heard my hip crack. And it felt great.

12. We swear we have great stamina even though we’re tired after running for three minutes.

13. No, I'm not wearing a diaper. They're called harem pants and I have them in every color.

14. Yes, we know there's glitter in our hair.

15. And yes, we're aware of those bruises, too.

16. When we check our phones at school we're not texting. We're watching dance videos on YouTube.

17. "I can't, I have dance," isn't just an excuse -- we're never going to skip class to go to the movies.

18. Sometimes little kids are better than us but we've learned to accept it (sorta).

19. We can change our costume -- including tights, hairstyle, jewelry -- in 40 seconds.

20. Dance isn't a sport. It's way harder.

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21. Yes, I AM obsessed with my dance friends cause we spend every second together and no one else would ever get our inside jokes.