01/14/2014 02:29 pm ET Updated Jan 23, 2014

Aereo CEO: Do I Look Scared?

Four of the world's biggest broadcasters are taking streaming TV company Aereo to the Supreme Court. The company's chief executive isn't too concerned, though.

When asked by HuffPost Live's Mike Sacks if he was afraid of the bigwigs taking him on, Aereo CEO Chet Kanojia responded, "Do I look like it?"

"I have deep conviction," Kanojia continued. "I absolutely, firmly believe in the policy argument of Aereo, the technology argument of Aereo, and, more importantly, the future-looking argument."

For about $8 a month, Aereo allows subscribers to watch broadcast television streamed to desktops, smartphones or set-top boxes. Customers get to watch major networks -- NBC, CBS, ABC and Fox -- on their devices from antennas leased to them in warehouses across the U.S.

Broadcasters aren't paid by Aereo, which insists that broadcast signals are free and that customers are merely streaming or recording from their own antennas. The big TV networks argue that the service is a "direct assault" on their businesses, and have successfully petitioned the Supreme Court to hear their case.

Kanojia also addressed the question of whether or not Aereo would start making its own television shows, like Netflix and Amazon.

"I think we're going to be a tech company that fosters the ecosystem, as opposed to going and creating original, or buying, content," Kanojia told HuffPost.