01/14/2014 03:47 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Cancer Patient Condemns The Kellers' Lisa Adams Comments

Bill and Emma Keller have both come under intense scrutiny in recent days for their comments about Lisa Bonchek Adams, a blogger fighting advanced breast cancer. Speaking to HuffPost Live Monday, another cancer patient expressed solidarity with Adams and dismay at the Kellers.

Last week, Guardian editor Emma Keller wrote a piece questioning breast cancer patient Lisa Adams for tweeting intimate details about her illness. Now, her husband Bill has outraged even more readers by criticizing Adams' blogging in a recent New York Times op-ed.

Cancer patient and blogger Seporah Raizer responded to the Kellers on Monday. "When I first read Emma Keller's piece it seemed angry," Raizer told HuffPost Live. "When you're angry you need to direct it at somebody and they chose Lisa as their target."

Both pieces have gotten major backlash, and are being called a form of "cancer shaming." Raizer said that Keller and her husband's attempt to put a restriction on how much a cancer patient can share is "dehumanizing."

"There's no logical reason I can think of why they chose to take this woman who is fighting as hard as she can and make her fight--" Raizer began, before pausing.

"I had a very physical reaction to this," she continued. "Just because you're not reading what you want to read doesn't mean that she shouldn't tweet what she's tweeting. She shouldn't tailor her tweets to fit what you want to see. If you don't want to see it, go read somebody else."

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