01/14/2014 09:39 am ET Updated Jan 25, 2014

Pregnant Drew Barrymore Wants You To Know That She Thinks It's Funny Ellen Called Her Fat

When Drew Barrymore visited "The Ellen DeGeneres Show," she immediately felt the need to bring up the elephant in the room. Backstage at the recent People's Choice Awards, host Ellen DeGeneres greeted the pregnant actress by saying "God, you're fat!"

Hint: calling a pregnant woman fat is rarely going to go over well. Yet, somehow, Barrymore's sense of humor took well to the insult. "The truth is your joke was super funny. The entire room was laughing," the actress admitted.

So funny that Barrymore tried to replicate it when she took the stage to present an award to friend and co-star Adam Sandler. The actress tried to tell the audience about her backstage run–in and poke some fun at herself. Turns out, the People's Choice Awards audience wasn't as ready to laugh at Barrymore's misfortune. She explained to Ellen, "I went out and thought I would try it myself and it just dudded, but you know, that's okay because you just pick up and move on."

As the interview progressed, Barrymore revealed that she is self–aware and confident now, as she progresses through her second pregnancy. "I'm bigger this time than my first time," the star confessed, addressing Ellen's PCA joke.

Still, the actress is realistic about pregnancy and happy with herself. She explained: "It takes nine months to make it, it takes nine months to unmake it. I don't ever pose like that I'm so fabulous and I lose it like that. I just want to enjoy the pasta right now … I'm in second trimester bliss!"

Barrymore doesn't aim to be one of those actresses who manages to look perfect every step of her pregnancy. She is happy to take everything in stride and enjoy her term.

The mom-to-be has nothing to hide, which may be why she was so eager to post a photo of herself enjoying a slice of pizza after Sunday night's Golden Globes (Jan. 12). The actress captioned the photo: "Post Golden globes pregnant pizza after party !!!!! #waitedallnight #canteatfastenough #mulberrypizzarules."

Now, that we can respect!



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