01/14/2014 09:43 am ET Updated Jan 23, 2014

How Long Will Hollywood Ignore The 'Bitches' Of Wall Street?


Wolf of Wall Street is about to be unleashed across our cinema screens in all its vulgar, throbbing glory. You only have to watch the trailer to feel like you’ve gurgled up mucus, swilled it round your mouth and spat it violently on the pavement for all to behold. The real-life malefactor, Jordan Belfort, is exquisitely and perfectly vile, with his revoltingness so thinly veiled it resembles gleaming phlegm on a pavement. The real Belfort made – and spent – millions of dollars while riding high in the city but ended up in prison after the FBI arrested him for fraud. Anyone who hates bankers (hands up) will come out of this wearing a broad smile of self-vindication.

Over the years, Hollywood has portrayed several versions of the 'mean, greedy banker' type – always a man – from '80s classics Trading Places and Wall Street to the '90s specials Other People's Money and Rogue Trader. The millennium brought with it American Psycho and Boiler Room.

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