01/15/2014 04:00 pm ET Updated Jan 23, 2014

CSN Accidentally Airs X-Rated Pic Of Chicago Cubs' Unpopular, Pantless New Mascot

Though Chicago Cubs' announcement of their first mascot in modern history has been met with plenty of jeers, the team is standing by their bear -- even after a NSFW depiction of the bare-legged one accidentally hit the air waves.

In a report questioning whether "Clark" the Cub is a worse mascot than the terrifying Pierre the Pelican this week, Comcast SportsNet Washington aired a shot of Deadspin's explicit, photoshopped shot of the bear baring it all for 10 full seconds before it was finally switched off.

"I think that is a gaffe photo," CSN anchor Nicole Darin says in the clip (embedded above).

Meanwhile, Cubs leadership is aware of and not surprised by the Clark backlash, but insists they remain confident that their "vision of having Clark engage with children and family will be achieved" based on the reception the backwards cap-donning bear got at a Monday community event, the Chicago Tribune reports.

h/t Bleacher Report



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