01/15/2014 06:40 pm ET Updated Jan 25, 2014

High School Student's Amazing Buzzer-Beater Sends Crowd Into Frenzy (VIDEO)

One high school basketball player in Kansas recently sent the crowd into a tizzy with his game-winning trick shot.

Ealy Bell led Wichita Heights' team to victory Thursday by retrieving a missed free throw and scoring a three-pointer in the last second of the game. The high school senior's buzzer-beater had crowd members instantly on their feet as soon as the ball hit the net.

The matchup between the Heights and Southeast Wichita was neck-in-neck at the end of the game, when Heights player Semaj Hervey went to the free throw line. Hervey made the first basket and tied the game 62-62.

But, when the second shot bounced off the rim, it seemed Southeast would be the victor -- that is, until Bell jumped on the ball.

The high school player managed to wrestle the ball away, turn and bank the ball off the backboard before the buzzer, bringing the final score to 65-62.

"I practice trick shots all the time," Bell later told Varsity Kansas. "Fading away, just throwing it up... is no problem for me. I saw the backboard when I turned and that’s all I needed."



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