01/15/2014 09:57 am ET Updated Jan 23, 2014

JaVale McGee And Mom Pam Have A Business Meeting On 'Mom's Got Game' (VIDEO)

Pam McGee, former WNBA Hall of Famer, and 25-year-old JaVale McGee, NBA center for the Denver Nuggets, aren't just mother and son. Pam is also JaVale's business manager. Though the two are close and certainly speak the same language when it comes to basketball, some things get lost in translation when it comes to texting.

On an upcoming episode of the McGee's new reality show, "Mom's Got Game," Pam and JaVale sit down for a business meeting. One of the topics? Pam's new system of communication with her very busy son.

"Listen, I got a new system," Pam begins. "If I text you '911,' that means I'm in the hospital or something like that."

JaVale is confused. "Why wouldn't you just text me and say, 'I'm in the hospital?'" he asks. "It's not a pager..."

"You might be in practice," Pam answers.

"So, you think if I'm in practice I'm going be like, Oh, no, it says '911!' Not 'I'm in the hospital.' Which one do you think I'm going to be more concerned about?" JaVale argues.

Undeterred, Pam continues explaining her new system. "I'm saying if I text '911,' that means call me right away," she tells JaVale. "'611' means call me when you're free. '411' means I need to talk to you about some paperwork."

"That doesn't make sense!" JaVale insists.

In the above video, Pam reveals the real motivation behind her new texting system amid their mother-and-son banter, prompting JaVale to give up the argument. "There's no helping you. Can you still learn at your age?" he teases his 50-year-old mom.

"Can you still listen at your age?" she shoots back.

The series premiere of "Mom's Got Game" airs Saturday, Jan. 18, at 10 p.m. ET on OWN.



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