01/15/2014 11:34 am ET Updated Jan 23, 2014

'My 1992 Diary' Reminds Us What It's Like To Be In Love When You're A Tween Girl

When actress and comedian Dawn Luebbe rediscovered her 4th- and 5th-grade diaries, she knew they were too good not to share with the Internet.

And it turns out Luebbe was a tween after our own heart.

In the intro to her blog My 1992 Diary, she quips:

If you are thinking this will be the diary of a popular girl who talks about all her cool friends, hot dates, and exciting parties…well…then PLEASE continue thinking that and do not read on.

The excerpts posted explore crucial topics like over-hairsprayed bangs, dance practices and crushes. We're particularly enamored by this April 9, 1991 entry, that sums up young love in all its glory:

Luebbe told The Huffington Post that she's been "overwhelmed" and pleased by the response to the blog:

I think it really strikes a chord in people who were preteens during the early nineties -- partially from a pop culture standpoint, but moreso from how seriously you take yourself at that age and your inability to express sarcasm. It's just the most painfully awkward time and I am so pleased that other people can identify with it.

Eat your heart out, Dan.

Head over to "My 1992 Diary" to check out more hilarious entries. (And if you have any quote-worthy excerpts from your teenage diaries that you'd like to share, email them to women@huffingtonpost.com.)



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