01/15/2014 02:55 pm ET Updated Jan 23, 2014

Nina Tassler Defends 'Big Brother': 'It's About Story'

CBS Photo Archive via Getty Images

This past summer, CBS' "Big Brother" contestants caused quite the controversy with racist and homophobic remarks by Aaryn Gries and Amanda Zuckerman, among others.

Both CBS and "Big Brother" host Julie Chen expressed their disapproval of the comments at the time. And although CBS President of Entertainment Nina Tassler said that she was "mortified" by what happened, she doesn't plan on making changes when it comes to choosing the next cast.

"You're talking about people from very disparate walks of life and confining them in a house for a finite period of time," Tassler said at the Television Critics Association press tour on Wednesday (Jan. 15). "You have to recognize yes, this is that show. It is a social experiment."

"It's about story, it is a social experiment and people take that into account when they're watching 'Big Brother,'" she added.

Additionally, one TCA-goer revealed that Tassler won't commit to casting "smarter people."

"Big Brother" was renewed for Season 16 in September and will air in summer 2014.



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