01/16/2014 08:43 pm ET Updated Jan 25, 2014

Seattle Radio DJ Prank Calls 49ers Fan, Tells Her She Must Wear Seahawks Jersey To Attend Game

Brian Bahr via Getty Images

While the 49ers-Seahawks rivalry leading up to this Sunday’s NFC Championship Game has seen its share of ugliness, this prank reminds us that sometimes, all those fightin’ words can end in laughter.

Posing as a ticket agent with the Seahawks, Seattle radio host Jubal Flagg of MOViN 92.5 radio host called one unsuspecting San Francisco fan to inform her that because of her 49ers affiliation, the tickets she had purchased to Sunday’s game in Seattle would be refunded and she would not be allowed to attend.

When the fan, Courtney, began demanding an explanation, Flagg retorted, “This is typical of a 49ers fan, whining and complaining about everything,” and then offered a compromise: keep your tickets, but show up in a Seahawks jersey.

Naturally, Courtney lost it. After threatening to strangle Flagg with the Colin Kaepernick jersey she would most certainly show up wearing, he admitted to the prank and named her Seahawks fan friend who had set her up. She took it well and promised Flagg she would be at that game and would “cheer her head off.”

Given the Seahawks announcement that the organization would not be selling tickets to purchasers in California, Courtney’s falling for the prank is understandable.

You can listen to the full prank here.



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