01/16/2014 04:11 pm ET Updated Jan 25, 2014

Bruce Dern On His Oscar Nomination And What Project Might Be Next (VIDEO)

Bruce Dern's day got off to an amazing start when he scored an Academy Award nomination for Best Actor on Thursday morning (Jan. 16) for his work in "Nebraska," his second Oscar nod in a film career that spans more than half a century.

Just hours after Dern learned of his latest success, he joined HuffPost Live's Ricky Camilleri to discuss his nomination and the film that's earned him unanimous critical praise. When Dern last visited HuffPost Live in December of 2013, Camilleri asked if all the awards buzz meant Dern's phone was ringing off the hook with offers for new roles. At the time, Dern said "the son-of-a-b--ch hasn't rung yet," but it seems his fortune has changed as he inches closer to a taste of Oscar gold.

"It is starting to ring, and I had a wonderful conversation with Quentin [Tarantino] about three or four weeks ago, and that was a very productive conversation and hopefully something like that comes along," he said. "It appears to be on its way and that's good."

The only issue for Dern, who has said he doesn't campaign for awards or consider them in choosing his roles, is that getting Oscar buzz is sometimes the only way to be considered for meaty parts.

"It's too bad that it takes a certain kind of recognition to make you get phone calls," he said. "You would think the work does it."

In the meantime, Dern is enjoying the attention for "Nebraska." He was jubilant about Oscar nominations for his co-star June Squibb for Best Supporting Actress and director Alexander Payne, who Dern said has gone "six for six" on making critically beloved films. But he was disappointed that another cast mate didn't make the cut.

"I feel bad that Will [Forte] didn't get included, but you know what? Will's performance makes 'Nebraska' work," he said.

Catch the full post-Oscar nomination conversation with Bruce Dern at HuffPost Live HERE.



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