01/16/2014 10:55 am ET Updated Jan 25, 2014

Alleged Drug Dealers Call Cops After Teens Steal Marijuana

It was supposed to be a friendly round of medieval sword fighting. It turned into a drug deal gone bad.

Sebastian Wozniak, 20, and Anthony Klier, 22, told police that they met a group of teens to "practice medieval sword-fighting" in the parking lot of a Westlake, Ohio Taco Bell.

"That’s clearly not what ended up happening," Capt. Guy Turner, public information officer for the Westlake police department, told

The men called police and said the teens turned on them, robbed them, and fled, but officers became suspicious when the men wouldn't say what was taken.

Police said that's because Klier and Wozniak were robbed after they tried to sell the group of teens marijuana.

Police reviewed Wozniak’s phone records and interviewed witnesses, then determined that he and Klier had met the teenagers with the intent to sell them marijuana. One of the teens pepper-sprayed the suspects while they were in a car, then took $80 worth of marijuana.

Klier and Wozniak were arrested and face charges of trafficking marijuana and obstructing justice.

The teens implicated in the theft of the marijuana have not been found.

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