01/16/2014 06:13 pm ET Updated Jan 25, 2014

William H. Macy Majorly Disses One Direction

William H. Macy stopped by "Live With Kelly and Michael" today (Jan. 16) to talk about, among other things, his incredible disdain for One Direction.

The actor explained to Kelly and Michael that his young daughter is obsessed with the band, so much so that she has a life-size cutout of Harry Styles in her bedroom. Despite the fact that he is constantly horrified by the figure, Macy escorted his daughters to the boy band's concert -- as many parents have felt pressured to do.

While he made a point of acknowledging the singers' talent, Macy slammed the band, saying, "They couldn't put on a good show with a gun to their head."

Apparently, Macy had three major issues with the One Direction performance. First off, they danced as if they were just marching back and forth (as he willingly, and hilariously, demonstrated). Second, Harry Styles ate a sandwich on stage in the middle of the show. And third, the whole band performed in crappy jeans and tees.

Do we hear an "amen" from every parent who has ever been guilted into taking their child to a tween concert? Or is that just outrage from the millions of loyal fans -- of all ages, might we add -- that support One Direction with obsessive enthusiasm?

Either way, this video will probably make you cry with laughter ... or anger.



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