01/17/2014 09:20 am ET Updated Jan 25, 2014

Bay Scallop Recipes Prove That Good Things Really Do Come In Small Packages (PHOTOS)

We have tremendous news: we are, right now, as we speak, smack dab in the middle of prime bay scallop season. You might be thinking to yourself, "Bay scallops -- aren't those the little baby ones you get in the freezer section? Who cares?" You are partially right. For the rest of the year, they will be the little baby frozen scallops, but for these few beautiful months they are fresh, sweet, tiny little parcels of joy.

Bay scallop recipes are as plentiful as they are delicious, but they usually have one thing in common: relative simplicity. You will rarely find a milder, more broadly appealing flavor in a sea creature, and they deserve to be highlighted. Because of their diminutive size, bay scallops cook up in a flash, but they are also a great candidate for raw preparations. Some of the best ceviches and crudos we've ever had have included fresh bay scallops. Below, you'll find a few of our favorite ways to use these delicious little things in peak season.

If you have a favorite bay scallop recipe, let us know in the comments!

Bay Scallop Recipes (List)

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