01/17/2014 04:07 pm ET Updated Jan 25, 2014

Some Colleges Tell Students If And When They Can Have Sex (VIDEO)

Should colleges have a say in students' sexual activity? Policies at some of our nation's top universities say yes.

The student government at Baylor University proposed removing a ban on "homosexual acts" from the school's honor code last year. But in its place, any sex outside of marriage would still remain banned.

Brigham Young University is even stricter. The Mormon school's honor code forbids any sexual activity that goes beyond kissing.

Perhaps students should expect such oversight from both universities, with their religious affiliations. However, some secular universities also enforce such policies. Barnard College has rule that forbids overnight guests for more than three consecutive nights and no more than six nights a month.

The debate is whether colleges and universities, religious or not, should have any say over the sexual lives of their student bodies.

"I have heard support and opposition among the student body," Trenton Garza, a Baylor student, said on HuffPost Live. "You have many students who have a very traditional view of Christianity's approach to sexuality as well as those who feel that things need another look."

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