Duke Frat Bros From The 80s Play 'Beer Frisbee' And Generally Act Ridiculous (VIDEO)

The brothers of Sigma Chi at Duke University got together one afternoon in 1986, played a game of "beer Frisbee" and documented it all on what we can only assume was a fairly large videocamera.

"There's something honest, something pure" about the game, one of the bros says.

After watching the video, we still have no idea how the game is played, just that "you don't have to be athletic, you only have to be [an] alcoholic," according to one of the guys.

The brothers did offer some life advice, like "All ya gotta see is some dude hit by a car or some dude buyin' it in the teeth to catch a Fris, and that'll put it in perspective."

Whatever you say, bro.

[h/t Guyism]