01/17/2014 01:33 pm ET Updated Jan 25, 2014

Kyle Chandler Coming To Netflix In Drama From 'Damages' Creators

When talking about brilliant television from the past decade, both "Damages" and "Friday Night Lights" are often part of the conversation.

As high school football coach Eric Taylor, Kyle Chandler was a huge part of what made "FNL" such a raw experience for viewers, so it's great to see that he's making his way back to the small screen via Netflix. Even better, Deadline reports that he'll be working with "Damages" creators Glenn Kessler, Todd Kessler and Daniel Zelman.

Chandler will star in the 13-episode psychological thriller -- which doesn't have a name yet -- about a family of adult siblings who find their world turned upside down when the eldest brother returns to the fold. Chandler is reportedly on board as the married middle brother, who takes care of the family.

The actor, who won an Emmy for his performance in "Friday Night Lights," has been doing film work lately. Fans can find many of those films, along with the entire five-season run of "Friday Night Lights," currently streaming on Netflix.

Queue them up and get yourself psyched for his newest project. It doesn't start filming until March, so you've got plenty of time to settle into Dillon, Texas and get to know the Taylors before meeting Chandler's new TV family.



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