01/17/2014 11:59 am ET Updated Jan 25, 2014

This One Direction Lip Dub Proposal Is Pure, Unadulterated Joy

Using a One Direction song as your music choice for a marriage proposal is a bold move. But one brave man -- along with the help of friends and family -- pulled it off with flying colors, creating a proposal video that pretty much forces you to smile every second that it's playing.

In the video posted to Vimeo on Thursday, 24-year-old Bradley Jansen asks his college sweetheart, Emily Kaplan, to marry him on the shores of Lake Michigan -- but this isn't just any ol' proposal.

Jansen enlisted the help of 90 (yes 90!) of Kaplan's friends and family members to help him pull it off, along with the musical stylings of one insanely popular boy band.

Watch the video above, but warning: It will make you really, really happy.

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