01/18/2014 04:08 pm ET Updated Jan 25, 2014

The Best Of Bill Murray's Surprise Reddit AMA, A.K.A. The Internet's Dream Come True

"OK, I'll TALK! I'll TALK!"

That's how the legendary Bill Murray began his surprise Reddit AMA on Friday evening in which he opened up to fans like never before.

You can thank his upcoming movie "Monuments Men" for prompting him to interact with Redditors and answer questions about everything from his body of work to his love of golf to legalizing marijuana and even the current cast of "Saturday Night Live."

Check out 15 of the most interesting things we learned from his candid online chat, including the hilarious reason he wound up doing the "Garfield" movies, below. Head over to Reddit to read the full thing.

  • 1 He explained what happened with his former deaf/mute assistant.
    "It was more complicated than she imagined."
  • 2 He neither confirmed nor denied the classic 'No one will ever believe you' story.
    "No idea." Suuuuuure.
  • 3 He agreed to do 'Garfield' because he thought it was a Coen Bros. movie.
    You really have to read the whole explanation for this one, which also makes it sound like the hardest thing Bill Murray's ever done.
  • 4 He doesn't remember what he whispered in ScarJo's ear at the end of 'Lost In Translation'
    So we can all stop wondering... I guess.
  • 5 He thinks Kristen Wiig's 'SNL' cast was the funniest one since the original.
    According to him, it's all about having strong, improvisational actors who can solve any problems with the writing on stage.
  • 6 He gets the most satisfaction from meeting fans he's helped through sorrow.
    "I know I'm not changing the world, but..."
  • 7 He dropped some truth bombs on legalizing marijuana.
    "People are realizing that the war on drugs is a failure."
  • 8 He'll sing 'Happy Birthday' to you over the Internet, if you're lucky.
    Yeah, we're jealy.
  • 9 He thinks 'Groundhog Day' is totally underrated, especially the screenplay.
    Well, duh.
  • 10 He reminisced about playing golf in Hawaii.
    What a life.
  • 11 He made 'Fantastic Mr. Fox' sound like the best movie experience ever.
    Seriously, Bill Murray, what is your life?
  • 12 He confirmed his love of pickles and peanut butter.
    But has yet to try them together.
  • 13 He explained why he would time travel to meet Gregor Mendel.
    "He was a monk who just sort of figured this stuff out on his own."
  • 14 He sort of told us where his favorite sandwich place is.
    Side note: "The Godfather" is an awesome sandwich name.
  • 15 He said that 'Broken Flowers' was the most fun to make, and that he used to think he'd never top it.
    Are you surprised?