01/18/2014 08:39 am ET Updated Jan 25, 2014

Jerry Hall Battles Hair Damage Like A Superhero In This 1984 Revlon Conditioner Commercial

With all the hair coloring, blowdrying and flat ironing we're doing these days, having hair that looks good is practically pointless when it's actually unhealthy. But this 1984 Revlon hair commercial starring Jerry Hall reminds us why it's crucial to take extra care of what we've got on top.

Hall appears in the middle of the scorching desert with her thick, blonde locks looking like a superhero dressed in all white. The video quickly flashes through a series of hair-damaging treatments and styling tools (yikes, heat lamps!) before the model introduces Revlon's Flex Balsam and Protein Conditioner -- a cure for "hair fever."

While this hair conditioner commercial is a bit over the top, the fact remains that this type of product is an important step in at-home haircare. Whether you apply a drugstore hair mask or whip up a DIY treatment from food in your fridge, conditioning helps to protect against and remedy the damaging effects of styling.

These feathered hair icons are giving us major hair envy:

Feathered Hair (PHOTOS)

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