01/19/2014 10:48 am ET Updated Jan 25, 2014

Arianna's 'SNL' Doppelgänger Weighs In On Hillary's 2016 Chances

On this weekend's "Saturday Night Live," our very own Arianna Huffington (played here by Nasim Pedrad) swung by the Weekend Update desk to flirt with Seth Meyers and talk about Hillary Clinton's chances for a 2016 presidential run.

She rejected the language often used when discussing Clinton's candidacy. "Can she be stopped? How come every time a woman wants power, we treat her like a Godzilla?"

In her estimation, Clinton's Republican opponents are especially weak.

"Ted Cruz? Oh, sure, he's popular in Texas," she said. "But guess what else is popular in Texas? Getting a T-shirt for eating a steak," she quipped.

She dismissed Paul Ryan, who reminds her of "the murder suspect in the first 10 minutes of a 'Law and Order' episode," as well as the troubled New Jersey governor. "As the busboy said to the waiter, Chris Christie is already finished!"

Christie was especially unimpressive to her for blaming a woman, Bridget Kelly, for closing the George Washington Bridge.

"Let me tell you, Seth, if a woman was behind this, she wouldn't have just closed a couple lanes," Arianna said. "She would have closed the entire bridge and put up a sign that said, 'You know what you did.'"

Check out Arianna's full appearance above.



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