01/20/2014 09:54 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Watch Drake Hate 'Morning Miami' On Saturday Night Live


It's the world's fakest city's fakest morning show, but we can't help but wish Saturday Night Live's bitter "Morning Miami" a.m. talk show was a real thing.

Co-hosts that hate each other, killer mugs, and segments on orthodox fishermen with kosher tilapia are truly a few of our favorite things. Drake may have famously dissed Miami in "The Motto," claiming "there ain't much to do," but that was obviously before "Morning Miami" got their hands on footage of Vin Diesel walking into a glass door at Sunglass Hut. Who wouldn't watch that 8,000 times?

Watch Drake ham it up -- but only when the cameras are rolling -- with Bobby Moynihan and Kate McKinnon: