01/21/2014 07:55 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Student Discovers Bomb Shelter Under Their Dorm (PHOTOS/VIDEO)

Have you ever gone into the basement of your dorm to discover an old air raid shelter? That happened to one student on reddit, and the user, status_quo, posted photos of their discovery on Imgur to prove it.

The bomb shelter was found under the redditor's dorm at Hochschule Niederrhein, University of Applied Sciences in Krefeld, Germany.

The shelter still had a working sink, an air filtration system, electricity and a working phone, as well as working lights. There was even a ventilation manual in German.

The redditor isn't sure the shelter could be ready for use right now, stating that "some rooms seem to be used as storage rooms." But they did joke that this may become a new, free apartment.

You can see images of the air raid bunker in the video above.