01/22/2014 03:24 pm ET Updated Jan 25, 2014

Bill Nye: I'm 'Optimistic But Terrified' About The Future (VIDEO)

Right now, wildfires are blazing in Australia, floods are devastating some Pacific island nations and the U.S. East Coast is back in polar vortex conditions. With such extreme weather conditions raging across the globe, it's easy to become pessimistic about climate change and the future of humankind.

Insert Bill Nye the Science Guy, though, and all order seems to be restored. During a recent interview with HuffPost Live, he addressed the intersection of climate change, pollution and overpopulation, while also offering solutions to these problems.

He told HuffPost Live he is "optimistic but terrified" about the future, and knows it will be difficult to work through these issues on a global scale. But, Nye says, if we learn "to do more with less" -- such as reduce the rate of population growth by educating females and girls -- we may succeed.

Watch the full interview with Nye below:



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