01/22/2014 09:05 am ET Updated Jan 25, 2014

This Homemade Vermouth Recipe Makes Drinking Even Better

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We've already talked about why you should be drinking sweet vermouth (because it makes an awesome aperitif and killer cocktails). We've also suggested that you add it to your food. (Do it.) Now, we're going to recommend that you make your own vermouth, at home, from scratch.

We're sure you think we've gone a little sweet-vermouth crazy at this point. And of course we have, but not without good reason. Sweet vermouth is the pearl in the ocean of fortified wine. It's the cherry on the sundae. Plainly speaking, sweet vermouth is the jam in our jelly roll. Especially when it's homemade. And since it's surprisingly simple to make, we don't see any reason not to.

All you need to make homemade sweet vermouth is wine, grappa, sugar, anise and Artemisia vulgaris. (Oh, and also this recipe.) Okay, so maybe you don't all have Artemisia vulgaris lying around -- we won't hold it against you -- but you can easily get your hands on this herb by either visiting an herbalist or buying some seeds on Amazon and growing your own. Don't be scared by the fact that this herb also goes by the unappetizing name of mugwort, it's the reason sweet vermouth has that distinctive flavor we all love so much.

So put down your bottle of Martini & Rossi go make something better.

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