01/22/2014 02:22 pm ET Updated Jan 25, 2014

Three Charged After Alleged Human Trafficking, Marriage Arrangement In Indiana

Three Indiana men were charged after a woman claimed she was beaten, sexually assaulted and forced into sex slavery and an arranged marriage.

Gurdeep Singh Dhaliwal, 29, was charged Monday with human trafficking, the Indy Star reports. His mother, Amarjit Dhaliwal, 65, and brother, Kuldeep Singh Dhaliwal, 31, were charged with aiding human trafficking. Prosecutors say Gurdeep kept his wife locked up at home.

Police told FOX 59 that Dhaliwal was in an arranged marriage with the victim, and beat her repeatedly and forced her to have sex for up to 13 months, starting the night of their wedding.

In August, police received a tip that the victim, her sister and her sister's son were locked in a closet. When police arrived, the women begged to be taken away, saying that they were scared of their husbands, the Daily Journal reports.

The Indy Star continues:

The women told police they were beaten regularly, including an incident where Gurdeep allegedly struck his wife in the ear causing a perforated eardrum and other injuries.

Police removed both women and the child from the home and placed them with a friend. They have not returned to the home, police said.

"It's akin to human slavery and it will not be tolerated," Johnson County Prosecutor Bradley D. Cooper told the paper.

It's the first human trafficking charge to come out of Johnson County, Cooper said, and it was only Indiana's second.



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