01/22/2014 08:13 am ET Updated Jan 25, 2014

Josh Groban Is Twitter's Greatest Philosopher

Andrew Toth via Getty Images

Josh Groban may sing like he has an old soul, but on Twitter he's hip, happening and, most of all, insightful.

In fact, he might just be the most important philosopher of our day. Groban is asking the important questions and dropping truth bombs that make his followers think about the big issues. School's in, boys and girls, and this professor is here to raise you up, so you can stand on (metaphorical) mountains.

Open your mind to Groban's infinite Twitter wisdom:

He ponders the wonders of evolution ... And considers what other marvelous scientific advancements man might benefit from in the future. He mourns the steady decay of language and culture ... Because are we really progressing? He's got opinions about the government, that's for sure ... Because maybe the conspiracy theorists were right. Like many others, Groban seems to have his deepest philosophical musings while in the shower ... And he's asking the really important questions. Groban may be a multi-platinum record-selling singer, but he thoughtfully questions his very existence in this world ... And he's willing to break out of his creative shell to explore other genres, in an endless pursuit of perfection. Groban is the future and the now. He is a muse, and all shall rejoice in his light.

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