01/22/2014 01:16 pm ET Updated Jan 25, 2014

'The Mindy Project': Danny Finally Admits His True Feelings

Before taking a long break, "The Mindy Project" made sure to leave fans hanging on the edges of their seats. At its heart, this show has always been a romantic comedy, and like most romantic comedies, fans have been rooting for the obvious couple at the heart of the story to find their way to one another.

After Cliff broke up with her, it was Danny who came to Mindy's aid. Sure, she had to first help him reconcile with his father, but that's what friends do. Taking the advice of Danny's young sister, Mindy was drafting a letter of apology on the plane back to New York. It was Danny's heartfelt words that made the letter perfect. In that moment, it was so obvious that he was speaking his feelings for Mindy. Despite all their differences, he'd fallen for her.

When she went to snag some drinks from the flight attendants' station, Danny followed her, grabbed her, and kissed her. It was long-awaited, but was it just a gimmick?'s Jen Trolio wrote, "Maybe it's the fact that, with Mindy off the air until April, it felt like a cheap ploy, a desperate grab at a cliffhanger ... The timing of the kiss just feels a little too deliberate, a little too forced, a little too on-the-nose as far as a ‘happily ever after’ is concerned."

Convenient or not, fans will have a long time to stew over what they just watched. "The Mindy Project" doesn't return to Fox's schedule until April 1.

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