01/23/2014 09:20 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

The FreezCube Provides A Spoiler Alert For Your Freezer (PHOTO)

You never think about how long the food in your freezer would last during a power outage, until there's a power outage and you're already panicking. Another time you might think about the perishability of your frozen food is when you open the freezer to find that your compressor's blown and all of your food has started to thaw. This is a terrible feeling, usually leading to to inevitable "better safe than sorry" discard of all the food in your freezer.

That's why FreezCube got invented, a tiny, science class-looking liquid timer, that will give you a literal spoiler alert in case your freezer un-freezes. The colored compounds in the FreezCube melt according to the time you have left to consume the food in your freezer safely, so you don't have to guess next time your idiot roommate forgets to close the freezer all the way. If blue melts, you have 14 days left, if green melts you have three days and if yellow starts to melt, you only have one safe day left. If you see any red in the bottom of your FreezCube, chuck the whole mess.


If you think it sounds like a great idea, or live in a place like New York where we apparently have hurricanes now, you can pick up your own FreezCube on Amazon for $19.99. For more info, check out the charmingly bizarre product video on the FreezCube website.

[via The Awesomer]

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