01/23/2014 09:13 am ET Updated Jan 23, 2014

Jon Stewart: Why Are So Many GOP Governors Under Fire Right Now?

Two Republican governors continue to see major scandals surround their leadership, and Jon Stewart took on Bob McDonnell and Chris Christie and their, ahem, questionable actions on last night's "Daily Show."

Of course, New Jersey governor Chris Christie has been unable to shake the "bridgegate" scandal that first erupted weeks ago, but now he faces accusations that his administration has retaliated against political enemies with other tactics, such as withholding Sandy relief funds.

"That is some old-school New Jersey corruption!" Stewart said. He launched into his "Jersey guy" character: "Hey, that's a nice city. It'd be a shame if something happened to is. Oh, something did? It's already underwater? Still, though."

Virginia's former governor McDonnell was formally charged for a number of indulgences earlier this week, and the details of the "gifts" he received while in office are just coming out now. Of particular note: anti-inflammatory pills, which Stewart was particularly amused by.

Check out the full clip above.