01/23/2014 07:34 am ET Updated Jan 23, 2014

5 Men Who Rock Long Locks


Men's hairstyles are already making a splash in 2014 with many famous 'dos making the news.

Bradley Cooper's tight perm in the Oscar-nominated film "American Hustle" has been getting plenty of attention, with many wondering why the legendary 1970s hairstyles weren't nominated. Actor Jared Leto has been sporting an impressive "man bun" as has Joaquin Phoenix. New York Magazine writer Allison Davis even recently penned "A Shameless Love Letter to the Sexual Power of the Man-Bun."

"When I see a flowing man-mane, even Jared Leto’s pristine, ombré bun, I can’t help but think of an unhinged, but still erotic, Healthcliff, roaming the moors," Davis wrote.

While Davis makes a compelling argument for the many virtues of a flowing man-mane, not everyone is sold on it. We recently took to Facebook to ask our readers what they really think of the new trend for post 50s. It turns out for the most part they didn't share the same sentiment.

"No. Not in a bun, a ponytail, or loose. NO," said Judith Gregg.

"Buns are for eating, not for wearing," said Michael Vesey.

"I've always liked long hair on men, but find that they flip it too much for me to take them seriously. It's an attempt to stay young and wild, same as women in my humble opinion," said Michelle Ethridge.



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