01/23/2014 10:47 am ET Updated Jan 23, 2014

'Modern Love' Editor On Relationships


For nearly 10 years, readers have turned to "Modern Love" in The New York Times for intimate, true-life tales of love, family, and, well, relationships. And, for just as long, Daniel Jones has been the column's artful editor. The stories run the gamut, from heartbreaking to hopeful, and there is as much emphasis on romantic love as there is on familial love. Indeed, one of our favorite columns details the trials and tribulations of life as a contemporary family, one that is made up of more than just a mother and father, and includes girlfriends, boyfriends, and one wise preteen.

As you might imagine, a decade at the helm of a relationship column has made Jones something of an expert. In his new book, Love Illuminated, he sheds light on the ever-changing nature of dating, his own experiences, and, of course, what makes a love story worth sharing with millions of readers.

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