01/23/2014 12:50 pm ET

Listen To Noel Gallagher Critique Old Oasis Music Videos

Mark Allan/Invision/AP

We're used to Noel Gallagher taking potshots at other musicians, but now he's going after someone else: himself. Really, it's his old band, Oasis, that's facing the brunt of his curmudgeonly commentary. In a new supercut that compiles 10 minutes' worth of Gallagher quips from the DVD commentary on the Oasis 2010 box set "Time Flies," the singer doesn't hold back while revisiting the band's music videos.

A sample of Gallagher's commentary: "A bag of shite, that. What a waste of an afternoon." "Why was I dressed like that? I look like f--king Columbo.” “I have to say about all these videos: If you needed four guys to walk around in slow motion, we were the best at that.” “Is that a man with legs made of sausages?”

Courtesy of Youtube user nutsngum2, take in Gallagher's blunt (and hilarious) self-criticisms below.



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