01/23/2014 01:19 pm ET Updated Feb 02, 2016

Straight Couples Open Up About Why They Cross Dress (VIDEO)

HuffPost Live sat down this week with several individuals who identify as straight and actively engage in cross-dressing for a variety of reasons.

Though gender identity and presentation is separate and distinct from sexual orientation, many people do not understand this.

Not only did some of these individuals cross-dress with their partners, but they also had differing perspectives about the personal significance the act of cross-dressing holds for them.

"Increasingly more people know the difference and know you don't have to be gay [to cross-dress]..." Henry shared on HuffPost Live. "For it to ever become completely acceptable -- I don't think so. I'm not even sure if a lot of the cross-dressers themselves want it to be completely acceptable because there's a lot of fun in doing it because it is taboo."

However, not every contributor felt the same way about the social taboo of cross-dressing. Pebbles McWhorter, in particular, held a different opinion.

"For me it's my goal to actually make it less taboo..." she told HuffPost Live. "I want parents to be able to talk to their children about it, that it's ok if a guy wants to wear women's clothing -- that's ok! It's just clothing!"

Check out the contrasting opinions in the clip above.