01/23/2014 08:59 am ET

Wendell James Shows Off His Wild Wardrobe On 'Raising Whitley' (VIDEO)

After Kym Whitley finally agrees de-clutter her home by having a yard sale, her fashion-forward friend Wendell James decides it's time to clean out his colorful closet, too. In the above clip from "Raising Whitley," Harold, a professional organizer, heads to Wendell's home in Palm Springs to help.

With Wendell's fabulous collection of blast-from-the-past fashions, this isn't your average closet raid. The first item under contention for the yard sale pile: a pair of gold sequined Dolce & Gabbana pants.

"Oh, aren't those fabulous?" Wendell says. "Those are $3,000 pants, I'll help you to know."

"Um, I don't know if that's the name for them," Harold says. "They almost walk on their own."

Like Kym, Harold says Wendell is a "stuffer" who stashes his clutter into every spare closet and drawer. Watch the video to see more of Wendell's treasures, including: a watermelon slicer, an electric blue faux-fur coat, and the item that made Harold say, "Ew. Who's going to buy that? That's been up your butt."

"Raising Whitley" airs Saturdays at 9 p.m. ET on OWN.



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