01/23/2014 04:59 pm ET

'Where The Road Ends' Takes Digital Travelers To The Beautiful End Of The Line

There's something about a road that captures the imagination.

Those boundless stretches of asphalt and gravel, yawning from coast to coast, à la Jack Kerouac, promise to deliver travelers to some far-off land, wherever the road finally, inevitably, finds its end.

But where is the end of the road, exactly?

That's the premise of "Where the Road Ends," a video produced by The Atlantic and released last week, taking travelers on a virtual journey to the end of the road in some exotic locales.

Producers used photos taken in Google Street View, then stitched them into a "hyperlapse" via open-source technology developed by web design firm Teehan+Lax to make a video honoring the surprisingly beautiful ends of the road in Italy, Norway, the U.S., South Africa and several other places around the globe.

WATCH "Where the Road Ends," above.