01/24/2014 05:55 pm ET

10 Space-Saving Life Hacks For Living With Kids

Glow Decor via Getty Images

I am probably not the first to tell you this: Kids come with lots of stuff. Even if you try to be as minimal as possible, the little creatures require an awful lot to keep things running smoothly. I'm amazed at how I seem to be tripping over my daughter's things--shoes, scarves, miniature flocked horses--at every turn in our apartment. And while I've written about smart storage solutions for toys, and genius ways to capitalize on every inch in small bedrooms, the truth is that in your home, every room bears some imprint of your children's life. They need their own dishes, their own towels, their own furniture. So here's a master-plan slideshow of ways to cut corners on space in every room to accommodate all the things that come along with kids.

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